Primary Source: Canada, Alaska, West Coast, New England, Iceland, Norway, China, Russia
Scientific Name: Gadus macrocephalus (Pacific), Gadus morhua (Atlantic)

Product Forms:
Fresh: Skinless, PBI & boneless (v-cut and j-cut);
Frozen: Skinless, boneless fillets, graded 4/8, 8/16, 16/32 32/up in 3X15-lb. shatterpacks; skinless, boneless, IQF loins & fillets; various breaded & battered portions.

A mild-tasting fish used in a huge variety of preparations; suitable for anything from “fish ‘n’ chips” stands to white tablecloth restaurants. With its delicate flavor, cod can be served with flavorful sauces. Try baking, frying, poaching or broiling — but don’t barbeque cod. Its flaky texture will fall apart easily.

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